Relationship Practice

Tiefe Verbindung, Herzöffnung und erotische Anziehung schaffen und kultivieren. Die Sehnsucht nach befriedigenden Beziehungen  wieder entdecken.


The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®

Dieser Workshop besteht aus einer Reihe von Methoden und Übungen zu Präsenz, Verbindung über das Herz und das Erforschen des Spieles zwischen dem männlichen und weiblichen Pol – gender-unabhängig oder Yin und Yang, Shiva und Shakti für starke sexuelle Anziehung.

Diese kraftvollen Werkzeuge ermöglichen dir dich sorgfältig, klar und kraftvoll die Gebiete sexueller Polarität und herzlicher Verbindung in deinem eigenen Leben und mit anderen zu erforschen. Für Singles und Paare.

Workshops werden in Englisch (sehr einfacher und einprägsamer Sprachgebrauch, ggf. auch in Deutsch) abgehalten.

Invite Deep Connection

The first step in any human interaction is the ability to focus one’s attention and become intimate with the current set of circumstances. This includes feeling and awareness of oneself, which then, in turn, allows us to feel another. On an even more basic level, intimacy with the present moment allows for real comprehension and connection.

Attention can be cultivated and the body can be sensitized to feel and connect intimately with oneself and another. You will be taught both the underlying principles of connection and a set of exercises that foster intimacy.


Experience Relaxed Heart Opening

As we experience relationship, both in our upbringing and romantically, we develop closures and safeguards against disappointment and heartache. Feeling deep love can also bring up feelings of pain and memories of loss we have experienced. Learning how to feel oneself and connect to another’s heart, combined with the ability to make oneself vulnerable and open to intimate interaction is practiced in a set of exercises that facilitate relaxation and opening internally, as well as with another human. You will engage in an inquiry into deep heart communion.


Create Strong Erotic Tension

Erotic tension follows the law of “opposite attracts”. When two people (regardless of gender) engage in the play of sexual tension the strongest attraction is produced through the opposition of forces. Masculine/Feminine, Flow/Go, Shiva/Shakti, Penetration/Surrender are all terms describing those opposites. Learn how to artfully play with these opposites, without getting caught in gender stereotypes or assuming rigid roles. You will be taught the principles of attraction and a range of new exercises to engender exploration and education in the participants.

The Intimacy and attraction Worskhop® is a powerful somatic method developed by Michael Boehm over the past 2 decades of instruction and practice, refined into a teaching version by Steve James.